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What We Do For Biscuits

What We Do
For Biscuits


We are an online management consultancy with an incredibly strong pedigree in the hospitality and technology sectors and their market niche’s.


We will assist your company in developing truly awesome technology led customer acquisition strategies that increase your revenues.


We do this by helping you find solutions to the most challenging issues that you face in your business.


If you want to improve how you sell online or even if you are just starting out, we put some serious competitive advantage your way.


KABOOM! more customers for you.



I own a small hotel chain in Cambodia.

When we launched it we found it almost impossible to get customers, even though we were listed on all of the booking engines. It was recommended that I speak to H2o.


H2o spent lots of time with us both in person and on the phone and worked with us to rapidly transform, reposition and focus our business. They helped us with everything and within three weeks our hotel was full and continues to be full to this day more than two years afterwards.


The experience that the guys at H2o have is invaluable.




An effective business mentor should lend their experience to you in order help you obtain your goals whilst at the same time ensuring your safety and minimising your risk of failure.


By providing insight and learning based on our own personal experiences we can help you avoid common and not so common mistakes, and show you some alternative routes for your ascent to success.


Effective mentoring saves you time, resources & money and builds a confident & experienced team. Use our experience to reduce lead times, de-risk projects, speed up goal obtainment and increase your revenues.


Online mentoring is delivered ‘one to one’ as you need it, either to an individual or to a team - meaning you always have an expert available when you need one.


We launched our software business in the United Kingdom but struggled to get sales leads or downloads for our product.

H2O were recommended as a company that would be able to help us get new software sales leads for our sales team.


The H2O guys worked together with our marketing and sales teams to map out processes, customer profiles , marketing materials, H2O then guided our team through a media buy and helped us optimise it, we also automated much of the process with software tools they recommended.


Within one month of speaking to H2O our sales team was snowed under with leads and we still use all of the methods and techniques they showed us to recieve 10 - 15 well qualified leads each day. These guys are superstars and wizards at what they do.




Working with you to define, document and implement your stragegy in a structured way. We provide three core workshops, Readiness for funding for startups, using root cause analysis for problem solving, effective monetization to help drive revenue.


Workshops are designed to provide the rounded range of common skill sets that supplement and improve the skills and capabilities of your internal team with a focus on training and knowledge transfer.


With 20 + years experience and a huge network of skilled experts, suppliers and partners to call upon, our workshops help small to medium businesses address their most important issues.


I struggled for over two years trying to make enough money from my travel blog to keep me traveling.

A fellow travel blogger recommended that I called Steve & the team at H2O for some advice.


In just over 6 weeks they helped me transform my $400 a month blog failure to a $3000 a month success by showing me how to effectivly monetize my website, drive traffic and find sponsors and advertisers. The H2O experience and advice you get is phenominal , and they have a lot of patience , always taking time to explain everything in easy to understand terms.


I can recommend them to anyone asking how to make money from a travel blog .

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

We provide the complete spectrum of services required to start, build , develop and grow a business successfully. Strategic planning and management services are delivered by our team, for some requirements we may introduce you to qualifed partners, contractors, and vetted suppliers based on your requirements. Importantly we know exactly when and how these skills should be used to develop a business.




Strategic review
Concept validation
Market research
Market validation
Taxation planning
Business set up
Patent registration
Trademark protection
Risk analysis
Proposal writing




Contractor sourcing
Job description writing
Skills gap analysis


Brand development
Conceptual design
User interface design
Ad design




Tools analysis
Product evaluation
RFP & RFI writing
Vendor shortlisting
Tools selecion
Capacity planning
Contract management
Process Definition


Requirements definition
Concept development
CMS development
Bug testing
Usability studies
Maintenence & support
Version planning
Multi browser validation
Security & continuity
Scalable infrastructure
Email & Messaging
Support infrastructure
App development


Strategy definition
Competative analysys
Market positioning
Media engagement
Digital advertising
Media Buying




Content marketing
Email marketing
Funnel management
Affiliate marketing
Social media
Referal marketing
Customer satisfaction
Partnership development


Analytics reporting
Engagement measurement
Conversion tracking
Availability management
Performance management
Data management
Data analytics
Data correlation
Data driven intelligence
Dashboard development
Yield management
Occupancy management
Revenue forecasting
Advertising ROI


Search Arbitrage
Media Buying
Affiliate partnerships
Ad partnerships
Mobile arbitrage
Direct sales
Agency sales
Bulk traffic buys




Crowd Funding
Exit planning
Market expansion
Brand protection
Market intelligence
Strategic review
Team development
Growth partnerships

About Us

About Us

We founded H2O New Media in 2006 as full service digital media agency serving blue chip hospitality clients. The money was good, but long hours and tight deadlines combined with ever changing customer direction quickly became monotonous and often required very little in the way of creativity.


The agency model was never our perfect gig.


With the financial crash of 2008 things got a lot worse as customers stopped paying us on time. We slimmed down our team to just a few of us and focused on only the work that we wanted to do. We realised that it was more profitable, more fun if stayed small and used our digital experience to drive customer acquisition and increase revenues in our own online and offline businesses.


It worked. We started one, then two, then three - you get the picture. Although we retained some of our blue chip clients we changed our model from agency to that of expert advisor. As revenues from our online & offline ventures started to grow rapidly, we quickly became our own number one customer.


Today, ten years after our formation we are significant shareholders in some highly successful businesses and have a depth of experience in mentoring those businesses to success.


We now work exclusivly with entrepreneurs and business leaders to drive competitive advantage and facilitate sales growth and success by providing timely, pertinent advice, information and insight when it is needed.


Helping to design, develop and grow successful businesses that impact positive change. This is what we love doing. That is what we do.

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Our Client Profile

Our Client Profile


Our clients tend to be in the technology or hospitality sectors as these are the two industries where we have the most experience. Some of our clients span these two sectors, such as travel focused websites or apps. They all share some common attributes.


  • Our clients are business founders of start ups or board level executives of medium enterprises

  • Our clients have a significant ambition to build a successful business

  • Our clients are business savvy, level headed and grounded in reality

  • Our clients realise they need they need the best people around them to facilitate their success.

  • Our clients want to use the internet as an effective channel for customer acquisition

  • Our clients need advice on call to help them solve issues quickly


Our company won an innovation award in Dubai and a large part of the thanks for that award must go to Steve and his team.

A fellow blogger recommended that I called the team at H2O for some advice.


They have always provided clear and well-reasoned advice about what was possible and what was not when it came to the online elements of our business. The team at H2O are probably the most knowledgeable business people I know, the fact that they are incredibly experienced with online is just an advantage.

Sample Clients

Sample Clients



Initial Call


Per call

30 minute call
Email Updates

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Ready for Funding



Written appraisel
4 hour workshop
Process Map
Follow Up Call
Up to 4 participants
24x 7 recording access

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RCA Thinking



Regular schedule
2 x 4 hour workshops
Personal 1 page plan
1 on 1 Follow Up Call
Maximum class of 6
* Fee Per Person


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Web Monetization



Regular schedule
2 x 4 hour workshops
Personal 1 page plan
1 on 1 Follow Up Call
Maximum class of 6
* Fee Per Person

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All workshops include community access: Includes video or audio recording of your calls for you to access as you need them and premium content access. Forum support: An online workspace where you can ask questions, share information and request reviews. Your location workshops

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