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When you need to get ahead, fast.

We create effective customer acquisition & retention strategies that build competitive advantage, long-term sustainable value & customer advocacy in a digital age.

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If you are about to take a new product to market or your organisation is struggling to make sales, subscription or booking volume targets, here are just some of the ways we may be able to help you.

Digital Customer Aquisition

Define lowest cost / highest lifetime value customer aquisition strategies to improve sales revenues.


Funnel Optimization

Nuture leads to build demand and extract meaningful data to identify ready to buy signals to increase sales volumes.


Communications Strategy

Run integrated omni channel digital communications strategies that generate demand for your product or service.

Strategic Sales Planning

Define a market position & revenue strategy, lift pitch & sales message that compels customers to want to work with you.

Market Entry Strategy

Define your core value proposition, USP’s & sales strategies and core target markets.

Developing "A" Teams

Develop high-performance sales, marketing & communications teams that align under common values, culture & purpose.

Pipeline Review

Deconstruct failing sales pipelines for reconstruction into a rock-solid future revenue streams.

Competative Landscaping

Understand your competitive landscape to identify opportunities for accelerated growth.


Sales & Channel Mentoring

Get practical actionable advice to help best align retail, channel, direct and distribution sales efforts.

Competative Intelligence

Use online data to extract competative intelligence you can use to outsell your competition.

Machine Learning & AI

Automate key sales tasks and follow ups to ensure leads do not go cold.

Effective use of data

Translate your data into meaningful business insights and KPI’s .

Our Core Value Proposition.

Our value proposition is simple, a team of experienced professionals by your side to provide impartial and real-world insight based on experience.  If you are finding it hard-going making sales or meeting occupancy or booking targets we can help you. Our experience spans both strategic high-value, low volume software sales & high volume, low-value transactional sales.

We help you make money

Why Mentorship

An effective business mentor should lend their experience to you in order help you obtain your goals whilst at the same time ensuring your safety and minimising your risk of failure.

The Real Costs

Effective mentoring saves you time, resources & money and builds a confident & experienced team. Use our experience to reduce lead times, de-risk projects, speed up goal obtainment and increase your revenues.

Why we do it

We like adding value to entrepreneurs to help them realise their vision and purpose.

In the majority of our engagements, we will be shareowners in our client organisation.


Our History

The Digital Agency

We founded H2O New Media in 2006 as full-service digital media agency serving blue chip hospitality clients.

The money was good, but long hours and tight deadlines combined with ever-changing customer direction quickly became monotonous and often required very little in the way of creativity.

The agency model was never our perfect gig.

The Crash

With the financial crash of 2008 things got a lot worse as customers stopped paying us on time.

We slimmed down our team to just a few of us and focused on only the work that we wanted to do.

We realised that it was more fun if we stayed small and used our digital experience to focus on the businesses we wanted to help start.

Where we are today

Although we retain some blue chip clients we have changed our model from agency to that of advising investor.

As revenues from investments into our online & offline ventures started paying the bills, we became our own most important customer.

Today, eleven years after our formation we have a depth of experience in mentoring those businesses to success.

We Know Digital

Our team has been working in digital and technology since 1998 and been involved in digital media buying at scale since 2003. We provide the complete spectrum of services required to start, build , develop and grow a business successfully.  Strategic planning and management services are delivered by our team, for some requirements we may introduce you to qualifed partners, contractors, and vetted suppliers based on your requirements. Importantly we know exactly when and how these skills should be used to develop a business.


Volume Media Buying

At scale highly targeted omni channel media buying to generate qualified sales opportunities. 


Effective Communications

Integrated social, content, SEO, SEM & influencer communications aligned to your core message. 


Big Data & AI

Leverage big data, machine learning and AI to generate transactions at optimum stages in the purchase cycle.  

Go to market strategy for MENA Property Platform

We worked with Informa in 2007 to define their digital go to market strategy for their Middle Eastern property offering.

Creating demand for youth travel

Since 2011 we have helped our internal client Mad Monkey Hostels develop digital strategies that have generated consistent 30% + annual growth & regional ASEAN expansion.

Creating events demand

In 2009 we helped UBM & Mubadala Sports launch 6 regional MENA consumer events with an attendance in excess of 800,00 people.

Effective Use Of Social

In 2009 we assisted 42 of Accor Middle East’s hotel properties to redefine their social media communications & sales strategy,  improving social conversions by 829% and a 2.6M revenue increase per quarter.

Launching A Finance Company

In 2011 we assisted the Cambodian Credit Bureau in establishing and communicating legislation that unified over 200 banks credit departments onto a central risk management platform.

Creating F&B Demand

In 2008 we assisted Radisson Hotels Middle East in developing a regional events schedule increasing F&B sales by 32.6%

CRM Data Strategy

In 2009 we helped Stafford define a data acquisition, CRM & digital advertising strategy that generated 36,000 MBA enquiries in 6 months.

Extracting 98.2% occupancy

In 2008 we helped Saudi Kingdom holdings increase occupancy to 98.2% occupancy in three luxury properties that were suffering from increased competition from new market entrants.